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online LVN classes

Online LVN classes are not for everyone. It takes the right kind of person who has the desire, motivation and habits to be successful in online classes. This is especially true when it comes to online LVN programs.

If you are wondering if you have what it takes to be successful in online LVN classes, you will need to know what you are getting yourself in to. You will need to take an honest assessment of yourself to see if you have it or not. Let’s face it, schooling can be expensive and if you just are not cut out for online LVN classes there is no sense in wasting your time and money.

The main focus of this article is whether or not you have what it takes to succeed in online LVN classes. We will look at the desired traits on online students, the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning and some of the top reasons you should consider enrolling. Take note that this article is focused mainly on the student and not the subjects taught in these classes. If you want more information on the material covered in online LVN classes, please head over to our online training guide.

If you feel the need or have any additional questions just drop us an email to We will respond to all reasonable questions and comments as time permits.

In the tabs below we will look more at what it takes to succeed in online LVN classes. Just click on any of the tabs that interest you or if you are really all for it, click on all the tabs.

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What are Online LVN Classes?

Online LVN classes are exactly what it sounds like. All of your lectures, reading, tests and homework will be completed on the internet. Your online LVN classes will cover the same materials and teach you the same subjects that you would find in a campus based school.

While the quality of training and education is roughly the same through online LVN classes as it is through regular LVN programs, there are some minor differences to note. First off, these online programs will cover only the classroom portion of your total LVN training. Luckily, most accredited online LVN classes are now working closely with medical facilities to give you the opportunity to get your hands-on or practical training as well as your classroom work.

The second difference is that unlike traditional schools, online LVN programs gives you a greater and more flexible schedule to fit your classes in your busy schedule. Since all of the work is done via the internet, you will be able to study from anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection and a computer.

The third difference is that you are able to study at a comfortable pace. Online LVN classes gives you the opportunity to study and learn at a pace that best fits you and your style. If you quickly understand the material, you can blow right through the lessons. If are having some problems, then you can slow down until you figure it out. This is different than traditional schools where everyone is rushed or slowed to learn at the same pace.

How To Prepare for LVN Programs Online?

Let’s start off by saying that while you have the ability to study anywhere, you shouldn’t abuse this privilege. Your focus is on studying, understanding the material and being successful not sitting by the pool getting a tan while occasionally looking at your computer. So here are some tips that can help you set up your life as a student in online LVN classes.

  • Environment: You need a nice, quiet area that is free from most distractions so that you can study
  • Schedule: Make your own personal schedule when you are able to put in the necessary time every day to study
  • Study: Sounds obvious but you are supposed to be studying not surfing the internet, updating Facebook or playing games
  • Hide the Cell Phone: Either turn off, remove or put your cell phone on vibrate, most calls and text messages can wait until you are done studying
  • Headphones: Depending on where you live and the study area you set up, you may need to invest in a pair of noise reducing headphones to cut out all of the extra noises
  • Well Lit: You want a study are that is fairly well lit so you are straining your eyes to read the computer or accidently falling asleep (it happens)
  • Ergonomics: Make sure you adjust your chair, desk, monitor, and keyboard so that you are comfortable enough to work
  • New Bookmarks: Create a special “online LVN classes” folder to hold all of your important bookmarks of sites and places you normally need at hand while studying
  • Clean: Keep your study area neat, organized and clear of clutter since it is easier to study in a clean environment rather than a sloppy one
  • Materials: Have all of your materials such as a pen, paper, books and pads of paper on hand if you need it, and you will most likely will need it
  • Goal Chart: Keep a chart either in excel or even on a white board of the list of classes and subjects you are working off, marking them out as you go along as this will create a sense of accomplishment
  • Kid Care: If you have children, significant other or even roommates, try to find them something to do so they don’t keep bothering you
  • Voice Chat: Download a free voice chat program like Skype so you can contact other students or your instructors
  • Breaks: Plan to take a 5 to 10 minute break every 60 minutes to keep you fresh, this means getting up and moving, stretching or using the bathroom
  • Prep: Have everything you need at your disposal meaning get a drink if you need one before you start instead stopping halfway through
These are the top suggestions on getting your study plan and procedures in place. You will need to keep to it and not slack off. This is your future and you will need to prepare and be ready to succeed.

What Are Some Traits of an Online Student?

We previously mentioned that students of online LVN classes or any distance learning program need to have certain traits to help be successful. While it is true that you can be successful without these traits or habits, it can make your learning experience more difficult. At the same time, having these habits and traits won’t automatically make you successful either, but it can make your training a lot easier.

  • Desire: To be successful in school you must have some sense of desire to learn
  • Motivation: Whether it is to find a good paying job or learn certain skills, you should have the motivation to learn and succeed
  • Focused: Your study time should be focused on the work at hand, not the television or text from your BFF but learning the skills necessary to become an LVN
  • Organization: The ability to keep your life and studies organized so you know where there are, when you have to time and so on
  • Work Ethic: Work ethic in school means completing your tasks on time and correctly, not quitting the first moment you have a problem
  • Ego Check: Yes you may be smart and think you know it all, but know your limitations and ask for help when you need it
  • Managing Time: You may have to juggle school with family, work and other responsibilities, so managing your time so that you can study and still balance out other affairs is pretty important
  • Goal Oriented: Know what you are trying to do, the path to get there and make it happen, keep a list of goals and mark them off as you go along to boost your self-esteem
  • Decent Self-Esteem: You can do this, sure it may take some hard work but you have the ability to overcome it and not toss in the towel
  • Self-Starter: Online LVN Classes do not have class bells or a fixed schedule, so you will need to put aside the time and get started without prodding by an instructor
  • Tech Savvy: You do not have to be like one of those hackers you see on TV but you should have at least a basic understanding how a computer and the programs work including email and the internet
  • Note Taking: Most people only remember about 40% of what they hear the first time around, this includes movies, lectures and music so it would be beneficial if you took notes while you listened to lectures so you can go over it later
  • Avoiding Stress: Being able to avoid stress and have some patience will go a long way in your training since you can avoid the sudden and embarrassing outbursts of frustration
  • Opening Your Mind: Listen and watch the instructors with an open mind so that you can fully understanding what is being taught
  • Writing: This should be a no brainer as you will need to be able to write competently, we’re not talking writing novels like Stephan King but being able to put grammatically thought out sentences that cover the topics you need to
  • Reading Comprehension: The ability to digest and understand what you have read
  • Sticking To It: Being able to make up your mind and stick to your schedule and studies even if other things sound a lot more fun
Having these skills and habits can make your time in online LVN classes a lot easier to deal with and make it a bit easier to succeed. The real work, though, is you.

What Are Some Reasons to Enroll in Online LVN Classes?

Why would people opt for online LVN classes over a traditional school? The answer may surprise you. Below you will see some of the top reasons why people choose to go to online schools.

  • You work full-time and cannot fit in time to take classes
  • You have kids or family members to take care of and they depend on you
  • You can’t seem to find LVN programs in your area
  • You are recovering from an accident or an illness but want to learn
  • You are considering changing your profession but other responsibilities take up too much of your time
  • You want to study at your own pace
  • The thought of sitting in the classroom with other people doesn’t appeal to you
  • You have taken online classes before and feel it is the best fit for you
  • You have a disability that makes going to a regular school more difficult
  • You don’t have a car to commute to school
  • You like that it is possible to save money taking online LVN classes
  • You may like that it is possible to get through your training faster than a traditional school
  • You can attend some of the highest rated LVN programs without relocating
  • Most likely you won’t have to buy expensive text books
  • You take your exams when you are ready instead of when the instructor tells you to take them

What Are Some Advantages to Online LVN Training?

We’ve previously mentioned that online LVN classes, like all online educational programs have a number of distinct advantages over your typical campus based schools. Here are a few benefits you basically can only get in online education.

  • Schedules are Flexible: You can study any time of the day as long as you have an internet connection and a computer so you can easily work your job or take of your family while enrolled in online LVN classes
  • No Commute: Since you can study anywhere with an internet connection you don’t have to jump in the car or get on the bus dealing with traffic, parking or just bad drivers unless you have these while walking to your computer
  • Be in Comfort: Study from the comfort of your own home wearing your pajamas if you want
  • Saving Money: Not only do most online schools cost less but you also save money on textbooks, gas, parking, eating out and other little things that add up quickly
  • Study Anywhere: Yes we mentioned the comfort of your home but you could study down at Starbucks, at the beach, on vacation, at Disneyland (why?) or anywhere else you have an internet connection
  • Study When You Are At Your Best: Are you a night owl or a morning person? If so, you can study during these prime hours when you are at your best
  • Self-Paced: You can study as fast or slow as you need to process the information and move on to the next chapter
  • Student-Focused: Online education is created with the student in mind so it is a lot easier to get a better understanding of the subjects
  • Pick Your School: You do not have to take the LVN programs near you, in fact you can enroll in any of the programs online so pick the best school and go for it
You have to admit that these advantages are HUGE when you are thinking about your next step. Taking online LVN classes can help you experience some of these amazing benefits that most students do not get to enjoy.

What Are Some Disadvantages to Online LVN Training?

While we like to show off the best parts of online LVN classes, we would be very irresponsible if we did not let you know there are some disadvantages too. It isn’t all rainbows and ponies. So here is a list of the top reported disadvantages that students in online LVN classes have reported to us.

  • Computer Issues: Some people have older, broken or no computers to take online schools making it a more of a problem than a solution
  • No Drive: Some students reported that they didn’t feel the need to rush or the necessity to finish their studies since there wasn’t a hard deadline to deal with
  • No Routine: Some people say they have a hard time with online LVN classes because their isn’t some routine or set schedule that they MUST follow
  • Anti-Social: We’ve heard people say they felt they were being anti-social by taking classes online
  • No Competition: Some students need to compete with their fellow students on grades or being the best in the class which is a bit more difficult in online LVN classes
  • Internet Connection: A slow internet connection can cause incredible amounts of frustration
  • Not a Real Student: A few students have said that their friends sort of looked down at them for not going to a traditional school thinking that online schools were a joke
  • Lack of Tech Skills: One student was surprised that they had to have some basic understanding of how to use a computer such as getting email or loading up programs
  • No Personal Instructor Attention: We have been told that not sitting in a classroom and getting immediate instructor response was frustrating to some, BTW we should say that your instructors in online schools are fairly easy to get in touch with if you make the effort
Some of these disadvantages are more or less based on personal traits, habits or understanding of how things work. These can all be overcome without much difficulty but we do understand that some students do not want to take the steps necessary.

Do You Think You Have What It Takes?

Whenever you hear the term “online classes” you might cringe a little. It is true that in the past that some online colleges have gotten a bad rap, but times have changed. Online schools have quickly caught up to traditional schools in the quality of education and acceptance. In fact, the growing popularity of distance learning programs like online LVN classes have exploded to a decade high.

Online LVN classes can be just what you need to get started in that new career. You can join plenty of likeminded folks who are looking to change their life for the better by getting a formal education and working to help those less fortunate. We’re not saying that you should go to online school but we are saying that it is a viable option for those who can’t attend a traditional school for whatever reason. Online LVN classes are waiting for you.

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